30 10 2008

Feel sweet .Feel fantastic . Feel interesting. Feel yummy.Feel like i am now in a strawberry fields . I am convinced that if i still continue to say all this  , people will think that there has more and more nuts that haven’t been screwed in my brain. To tell the truth , i love this typography design very much . It is unique and it gives people a comfortable feeling when we give our first glance on it . This is the first time i saw this type of font. It has used pink , red and green as the font colours . In my opinion , i think that they used all this three colours to represent strawberry fields . Strawberry usually is red and pink while the green represents the fields . Attractive typography design .


24 10 2008


Apple , peach and banana , I am sure that everyone knows what all this fruits look like since you are in young ages.But see carefully , there are some words on the surface of the fruits . This is the first time i see it . Its look amazing and too unbelievable for me to trust that they are real fruits rather than toy fruits . I like the font of them as even though they are in bigger size and in black but will make people feel eagerly to read what it has written on each of them . In my opinion,  it will be better if there has some advices if you do and don’t eat fruits or some interesting words and different type fonts to share with on it . More and more people will buy  and eat it after they have read it . But there might be a big problem for me if they are real fruits , i will keep it and keep it again one by one until my house can become a fruit stall already .

28 09 2008

I love this typography design very much . At first glance , we can see that there has a king’s sign on top of the two G . This design is very special for me . The handbag’s colour and the font colour as well as the design are matched well . It gives a fresh look for anyone of us . Although its design is very simple and just using few colours but there are surely a lot of girls will buy for it , aren’t they ? It makes people look more attractive when carry this handbag and i am convinced that almost 80% of girls love pink colour very much . That’s why it considered one of the successful design .

19 09 2008

What’s your feeling when you take your first look upon it ? Surprise? Excited ? Or does not have any reaction or any feeling on it ? There are surely different kinds of pillow cover design , but this is the first time i saw this .It is unique .It used light colour  as font colour and green as background colour .This two colours matched it well between each other .Well to be very honest , i dislike the font and background colours .Different people have his or her own favourite colours , so it would be better if it has many combination of few colours , for example , sky blue and pink or brown and orange and etc. Try it if you want and make an effort to accomplish .Having one and sleep tight every night .

12 09 2008

House , it actually gives us warmth . Alike this typography design , it has used red , orange , yellow as font and background colours to represent the feeling of pleasant and comfortable . Beside that , the lighter and darker values are being dealt with successfully .The reflection and the shadow of the font in this design is great too . According to my personal opinion , i think that the spaces between , around , below , above and within the words represent the area of a house .The fonts ‘H’, ‘O’ ,’U’, ‘S’, ‘E’ aren’t in a line but in different position and direction . It shows that they are moving , alike us sometimes planning to move a house from a location to another location . It’s considered a good typography design . Take it as a reference , its worth .

5 09 2008

Have you all guys eaten this type of chocolate before ? Yummy , it is nice and delicious, isn’t it ? I am convinced that majority of people will buy for it , first of all is because of its typography design . It is using a light green as font colour and dark colour as background colour , that is why it attracts more and more people even to those who do not like to eat chocolate before . I love this design .Beside that , did you realize there has some alphabetical words on the bar of chocolate ? Make a guess , who will love it ? Is children and teenages as well as some of the adults . It considered a successful typography design . We feel delight when we are pleasant to the taste and mind , we feel grateful if we are to play with the alphabetical words as young ages when we do not want it to be rigidity and uniformity.

30 08 2008

Well , according to the typography design, I will say that it is unattractive . Why ? First of all , it is using a dull colour with a pure background .Lets give an example , if we stand far apart from this , we could not see what it has written or sometimes people won’t give more attention to it no matter it is day or night . I am the person who prefer refreshing design which has eye-catching colour .May be we can use dark colour like black or dark blue as our background design and light colour or rainbow colour as the font colour. This is just my personal opinion .