24 10 2008


Apple , peach and banana , I am sure that everyone knows what all this fruits look like since you are in young ages.But see carefully , there are some words on the surface of the fruits . This is the first time i see it . Its look amazing and too unbelievable for me to trust that they are real fruits rather than toy fruits . I like the font of them as even though they are in bigger size and in black but will make people feel eagerly to read what it has written on each of them . In my opinion,  it will be better if there has some advices if you do and don’t eat fruits or some interesting words and different type fonts to share with on it . More and more people will buy  and eat it after they have read it . But there might be a big problem for me if they are real fruits , i will keep it and keep it again one by one until my house can become a fruit stall already .




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